About us

planqc’s quantum computers store information in individual atoms – nature’s best qubits. Quantum information is processed by arranging these qubits in highly scalable arrays and manipulating them with precisely controlled laser pulses. planqc’s unique combination of quantum technologies is the fastest way to scale to thousands of qubits, a prerequisite for industry-relevant quantum advantage.

planqc’s founding team combines decades of international research on neutral-atom quantum technologies. Our quantum computers are built on the precision of the world’s best atomic clocks, the world’s best quantum gas microscopes, and high-speed Rydberg gates.

planqc is the first startup to emerge from the Munich Quantum Valley, which with its vast network of research institutes and industrial partners fosters a unique quantum ecosystem for startups.

Your mission

Our deep-tech start-up, comprising over 50 dedicated professionals, seeks a dynamic Procurement Expert, located within our finance department, to lead our procurement endeavors onsite. The ideal candidate will play a pivotal role in managing procurement activities, customs handling, and the formulation and implementation of a new procurement policy. This position is crucial for ensuring the efficient operation and growth of our company, with a special focus on procurement for our quantum computing hardware projects but also to support our endeavor for renovating our own office, workshop and lab space.

Your profile

Necessary skills or requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field, such as Business Administration, or equivalent commercial training.
  2. At least 5 years of experience in procurement, with track record proving successful management of procurement processes, effective supplier relationships management, strategic sourcing, and procurement planning in the deep-tech sector.
  3. Deep understanding of customs regulations and firsthand experience managing customs for international transactions.
  4. Proficiency with procurement software and ERP systems.
  5. Supply chain management.

High expertise in the following topics:

  1. Strategic sourcing and advanced procurement planning.
  2. Exceptional negotiation skills and a track record of securing favorable terms with suppliers.
  3. Expertise in market analysis to inform timely, cost-effective purchasing decisions.
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of international trade, logistics, and supply chain management, particularly as it relates to construction and renovation projects.

Ideal supplementary skills or experience:

  1. Industry experience.
  2. Certifications such as CPSM or CSCP.
  3. Experience with cutting-edge procurement technologies and platforms.
  4. Budget management and cost optimization skills.
  5. Experience in the construction and renovation sector.
  6. Very high proficiency in German and English.

Soft skills:

  1. Proactive worker – help us shape the company .
  2. Failure positive attitude – own your mistakes.
  3. Good team spirit and dedication to work.
  4. Leadership and team management skills.

Why us?

planqc is a startup founded by experienced researchers in neutral-atom quantum technologies. We have a track record of achievements, including one of the first quantum gas microscopes for neutral atoms, one of the first optical lattice clocks, and novel techniques for scaling our quantum computers to thousands of atoms. We are leveraging this expertise to build a neutral-atom quantum computer based on ultracold alkaline earth metal atoms, employing techniques such as single-site imaging and addressing for qubit control, highly stable lasers for single-qubit operations and fast Rydberg interactions for two-qubit gates.

At planqc, you will experience the best of both academic freedom and project-driven work. You will contribute to building a functional neutral atom quantum computer with the support of our software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and algorithm teams. Become part of our team and shape the future of quantum computing.

For more information and to apply, click here: https://t.gohiring.com/h/a37ac5f2186b352497a180cdf4127031bb8a6bd71294efc5c9b270302decc4fc

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